Pregnancy can create havoc to a woman’s body structure both internally and externally. Along with hormonal changes, the body loses its original shape and structure. Generally, the chest and abdominal area are most affected during pregnancy and after delivery. Nowadays, many new mothers are going for a mummy makeover Brisbane doctors are offering to get back their pre-natal body shape.

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An easy way to get back in shape

The mummy makeover is here to give you back your beauty and shape without having to sweat for them. The cosmetic surgery that the mummy makeover Brisbane doctors carry out involves two main surgeries- abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. The first procedure is a part of body contouring and is commonly known as ‘tummy tuck’. This helps to get rid of the stretch marks and loose and sagging skin around the lower abdomen area which gets stretched during pregnancy. The layer over the muscles is tightened to bring the muscles closer and contouring of the area is done. The second procedure, which is the breast augmentation, can be done in two ways- either by autologous fat transfer or through breast implants. This procedure helps to increase the volume and shape of the breasts. If only sagging breasts are your problem, then mastopexy can be done to raise the level of breasts. Apart from this, the new mother may opt for facial rejuvenation procedures to remove wrinkles on the face and neck area.

Is this surgery safe

The risks are minimal but you need to take special care for some time after the surgery. This is the case after any kind of surgical treatment. However, when we talk about the mummy makeover Brisbane doctors offer, it is important to know whether the patient is fit for surgery or not. Only if a mother has decided not to have more children, if she is in good health and if her weight is stable, then can she go for this surgery. Carrying heavy load after the operation or taking physical stress can cause discomfort after the surgery. So you need to take extra help post-surgery. This should be kept in mind especially if the mother has young kids. Things like swelling and release of fluids after breast surgery, rashes, capsular contracture around the breast are some of the risks involved in this process if the cosmetic surgeon is not experienced or qualified enough. Another thing that should be kept in mind before going for the surgery is that both abdominoplasty and breast augmentation procedures should not be carried out at the same time because of the anesthetic risks. Further, blood tests should be carried out and the patient’s medical history should be checked before the surgery. The clinics that conduct mummy makeover in Brisbane help to minimize all the risks mentioned above.

How to get hold of a good cosmetic surgeon

It is very easy to find reputed and qualified Brisbane mummy makeover clinics and doctors. You just need to visit websites like  and book an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon.


There is no rule which says that you cannot look just as beautiful after pregnancy as you were before it. Go ahead and give your body a complete makeover with the help of cosmetic surgery and get back in shape in no time!