Role of Employers in Keeping the Workplace Safe

Role of Employers in Keeping the Workplace Safe

It is estimated that more than a third of every working individual’s time is spent at the workplace each day, save for the weekends. This means that on average, at least 45 or more hours each week are spent within the work environment. Safety during work hours is therefore paramount if every employee is to remain healthy, and safe. As it is, most workplaces have been friendly in New Zealand because employers have taken the necessary steps to keep them that way. Still, more has to be done to ensure New Zealand workplace health and safety standards are upheld

All types of work, even those that are done within the tidiest environments, expose people to certain hazards. Whichever type of task one performs, there is always that possibility that an accident, damage or injury may occur. Whether this is to the eye, back, leg of whichever part of the body, once the damage is done, some hours off work have to be wasted while seeking treatment. In order to maintain New Zealand workplace health and safety standards set by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, it is important that employers know what they ought to do to safeguard the work environments.

Under the New Zealand workplace health and safety Act, employers have extensive duties that have been specifically designed to protect the welfare of employees.

Duties of the Employer

    • Create a work environment that is safe and healthy so that it does not compromise the welfare of employees or workers.
      • Conduct activities that promote the safety of workers.
        • Manage the workplace in such a way that any conduct regarded as improper, and that is likely to put the lives of workers at risk is avoided or abolished.
          • Provide safety and prevention measures that stops any risks that may arise from use of harmful substances, noise pollution, radiation, vibration, ionization or any other activity that may compromise the health and safety of workers.
            • To provide systems of activities which are organized, planned, performed and maintained if they are working towards healthy outcome. In case certain risks are discovered, there is to be revision of the stated systems for appropriate measures to be taken.
              • To maintain facilities within the work environment so that the safety and health of workers is not compromised.
                • To provide training, instructions, supervision and information to be sure tasks are performed as required.
                  • To offer protective wear in cases where total elimination of risks is not possible.
                    • To put emergency plans in place and have them communicated to workers so that in the event of the unprecedented, workers are aware of the course of action to take.
                      • To report occurrences perceived as dangerous, or accidents to the relevant authorities as stipulated in the act.
                        • To employ the services of a competent employee who is able to uphold the safety standards of the workplace high.
                          • To put into place measures covering all calibers of workers, both permanent and temporary. In case accidents or injuries occur, the workers are supposed to be covered by the medical scheme designed by the employer for employees.

                          Keeping the workplace safe and healthy is important as it helps increase productivity.

The crucial role played by home care services in aged care

Caring for the aged is a challenging job. Those aged lives after seeing all the ups and downs of life have now two more challenges to face namely the old age and crippling health. Now, these aged people are in need of support. Some of the aged are in such a condition they need the support even for attending to their daily chores. Blessed are these aged as they have local assistance like Toorak aged care facilities where they can spend their time comfortably despite being away from their loved ones.

Toorak aged care

A report published by the Government of Australia Productivity Commission on trends in aged care and its implications highlights the need for evolving a system to ensure equity, sustainability and efficiency in aged care service.

Improve quality in service:

 The paper points out that the aged care facility should be capable of providing better and affordable choice in aged care service. Of course, the paper suggests various methods that can bring out qualitative improvements in the aged care facility across Australia. At the same time, some of the aged care services, such as the Toorak aged care facility, have adopted IT to improve quality in service for the inmates of the aged care centre.

Caring for those with Dementia:

Among all the aged care tasks, caring for those with dementia and Alzheimer is a challenging task. One of the aged care centres in New South Wales has recently upgraded its aged care services by spending about AUD 27 million. This aged care centre has set up exclusive dementia care facility with all the modern state of the art facilities being made available. This aged care centre now has 164 beds with facilities like sensory, barber, pizza, café, and laundry, indoor and outdoor activity and so on.

A huge investment:

Encouraged by this aged care centre, many other Toorak aged care centres are also planning to upgrade the facilities. In fact, one of the aged care centres has planned to invest as much as AUD $300 million in the aged care sector.

Aged Care Act:

In order to ensure quality in service, the Government of Australia has enacted the Aged Care Act 1997. This act lays down the norms for starting and also managing aged care centres. This is a comprehensive law which also includes facility like Malvern private residence also called as residential care services, quality in care and various other related matters. More information brand name: Arcare Aged Care

Compendium on aged care services:

 Further, the Government of Australia has also published a compendium of rights and responsibilities of aged care facilities including home care services. This compendium also speaks about the home care options and various other related matters. In fact, the compendium also authorizes the aggrieved party to contact the attorney registered under the National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NCAP). In addition to this, the Government of Australia has also appointed an Aged Care Complaint Commissioner.

Crucial role of aged care services:

All these highlight the importance and crucial role played by the Hawthorn aged care centres in caring for the aged. Further, such aged care centres also make ardent efforts to inculcate confidence in the minds of these aged people.

For more information on Canterbury aged care facilities, you can always visit

Choosing the Right Aged Home Care

 With old age comes the need for more help with day to day activities as well as health care. One of the best ways to get the right help and support is by living in an aged home care also known as a nursing home.  You can choose to stay in the home care for a short time or permanently. Aged home care centres are run by professionals who are approved by the government to provide you with 24-hour care. However, it is very important to choose a nursing home carefully for the best services. For more information you can always visit

aged home care

In a recent article on, Andrew Keddie, the reporter, states that the number of abuse cases by the staff of home more than doubled last year in the borders. This shows that not all nursing homes are run properly and safely, and this article highlights tips on choosing the right aged home care.

ACAT assessment

In your search for an appropriate aged home care centre, it is important to firstly contact an Aged Care Assessment Team who will come to your home and assess your needs. With this information they will be able to guide you and approve your eligibility for either community care where services are delivered to you or residential at a nursing home. This assessment is also beneficial in that the final report will be required as you apply for residential aged home care.

Key issues and insights

When dealing with aged care services, the biggest issue comes with lack of consumer knowledge as there are no official ratings or evaluations to compare or review service leaving the consumer at a disadvantage. Alzheimer’s Australia CEO, Carol Bennet, warns that “there is not a single measure of quality in aged care in place”. This lack of information that is valuable to consumers makes it hard to choose the right aged care. It is advisable to have the key issues and insights in mind such as pain management systems used, minimal use of restraint, car options offered at the end of life, how families and friends will be involved and basically how the home is managed. Find a nursing home that has transparency, good environment and solid staffing structure. You can find this information by checking online on their websites. For example, to gain information on any aged care Queensland centre,

Service provider

As you settle on particular aged care facilities, ensure that you have evaluated different car options by contacting them and getting an idea about what they offer. Visit the homes and ask questions about services provided, number of staff and staffing arrangements. In case you need special care ensure the home has specialists who can handle your condition and how frequently you can access your services. In addition, you can check with current customers to see if they are satisfied with the services they are receiving.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities goes a long way in ensuring you get the right care possible to suit your needs. With the above tips you are well on your way to getting the best aged care facilities Brisbane provides.

Role of Medications for Addiction Treatment

Drug (or any type of addiction) addiction is a chronic disease that involves uncontrollable urge to seek for drugs. This addiction comes despite of the potential harmful effects to the mind and body of the consumption of drugs that a person is addicted to. These can cause changes in the brain activity and could potentially affect behavior of the drug addict. Addiction treatment Australia has today offers a wide range of treatment approaches designed to alleviate these changes (both mind and body). A multi-step approach is important to ensure that every aspect of the addiction is curtailed. For more info on addiction treatment Australia clinics offer, you may log on to addiction treatment australia One of the most common treatment approaches used in Australia addiction treatment facilities include medication. Since a lot of people who are addicted suffer from prescription medication addiction, it is important that these medications are recommended and given under the supervision of a medical professional. There are several methods in which medication can help fight the addiction problem and they can be summarized in three ways: 1) manage symptoms of withdrawal, 2) prevent relapse and 3) fight existing conditions related to the addiction problem. Manage Symptoms of Withdrawal Facilities that offer addiction treatment in QLD Brisbane rely on medications to help a patient cope with withdrawal from the drugs. Most of these medications are designed to suppress those symptoms. One of the first steps to addiction treatment is the detoxification process. It is important that this should not be considered as a full treatment in itself; instead, it is only the first step that patients take towards the actual treatment. The detoxification process aims to train the body and mind of the former drug user to let go of the substance in their system. Since their body craves for that substance, you want to train the body to not become independent of it. This detoxification process is understandably difficult after an individual has suffered from addiction. Hence, medications are given by facilities for addiction treatment Australia has today to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Prevent Relapse In addition to experiencing withdrawal symptoms, some patients and recovering drug addicts might feel the need to relapse. Hence, medications are also given to them to decrease cravings and alter brain function that makes them long for the substance they were once addicted to. A lot of the patients who have undergone addiction treatment suffer from relapse; hence, a lot of patients also go in and out of rehab as some of them are unable to successfully get rid of the addiction. The sooner you can prevent relapse, the better. Depending on the specific type of addiction, doctors might recommend different types of medications to prevent relapse. Fight Conditions Resulting from Addiction Co-occurring conditions as a result of drug addiction is one of the most difficult patients have to deal with when they undergo addiction treatment Australia has to offer. A lot of patients suffer from anxiety or depression as a result of intake of drugs and other prohibited substances. When left untreated, these conditions could develop into something worse. Hence, medications are provided for patients to cope with feelings of anxiety or depression. However, medication is not enough. A long-term recovery plan and behavioural therapies must be incorporated to provide an effective treatment.

Book Doctor in Mango Hill – GPs for Individuals and Institutions

Ethical values have had their place within the medical fraternity and have often clashed with what can be loosely termed as societal welfare. ‘Reuters Health’ has posted an article which talks about the right of the doctors to refuse to attend a case or perform a procedure that their patients want since it might be against their personal belief to do so. The treatment itself might be legal though. Countries like Australia do recognise this right of the doctor to turn down a case for such reasons, but the debate is still inconclusive. The answer might lie in going to a medical centre where there may be more than one doctor, and it will not be difficult to book doctor Mango Hill market has today and seek consultation on all medical issues without worrying about these ethical issues. Clinics of this type have doctors enrolled from different faiths.

A Friendly Place for Treatment

When a person feels any type of discomfort, he or she would look forward to reaching a doctor, usually a General Practitioner closest from his or her place of living. But such indispositions can occur frequently and if the experience on the first visit is not very good, the person may drop the distance in preference for a better clinic. So the treatment centres such as the north lakes medical centre have to provide their best services to the clients.


Have a Panel of Experienced Doctors

The Northlakes doctors can be met with a prior appointment, and the clinics generally have a panel of GPs with rich experience in handling the patients who walk in with their complaints. Many times, the local weather conditions or other environmental factors could induce ailments in people. An alert doctor recognises this and can make a quick diagnosis if a particular patient has contracted such an ailment, and treat him/her or a kid accordingly.

Convenient Locations and Opening Hours

A chain of clinics like the medical centres Northlakes has today makes life easier for most people. If someone is regularly availing treatment in one centre and after a while the person relocates to another suburb, the treatment won’t be disturbed. The medical records can be easily transferred from one centre to another internally. The appointments are accepted for late evenings and during weekends as well.

Institutions Can Also Benefit

While individuals book doctor Mango Hill market offers for their regular consultation and treatment, institutions also need the help of medical professionals to conduct medical tests for their employees. This could be for the existing employees and done periodically to make sure the organisation has a healthy workforce. These tests can also be conducted in the case of those joining newly. The doctors will be required to do the regular tests, like the height, weight and the condition of the heart and so on. If the employers require their staff to be also tested for additional factors like alcoholism or drug addiction, they can book doctor Mango Hill currently has to do these tests as well.

The clinics ( set up their centres across the city in different suburbs to provide holistic services to the public at large in the community. They make their timings flexible and have a panel of GPs to meet all eventualities.

Enjoy Medical Services with A Difference

Diseases and conditions related to the heart and the lungs are complicated. These require the best medical attention whenever they occur so that you can be at a better position to manage and handle them. At times they occur at moments least desired and expected. The faster they are handled the better the patient’s condition will be. To be able to manage well these conditions within your family, you need to be part of a medical network that has family medical centers that understand these conditions.

A network that understands your medical needs will put a number of things in place. Family medical centers under its umbrella will know the need of operating beyond normal working hours given the delicate condition such health conditions can be. It will ensure that these centers have the most advance technology with them to ensure quick and easy procedures such as booking appointments.

Technology will also ensure that any doctor within any hospital within the network is in a position to retrieve and update your medical history. This enhances the level of services you receive as they are faster and more efficient offering you comprehensive and well understood medical services based on your updated history. For the sake of your children’s well being, these facilities have nice play areas that they can enjoy during recovery. Not to mention the level of qualification the doctors have.

These facilities can easily be found within the country in areas such as Alexandra Hills, Arundel, Corinda, Chermside, West End, Windsor and Ascot.

Arundel Medical Center

This facility has a wide scope of services that cover every member of the family. Wound care, skin care, family planning services, men’s health, women’s health are just some of the wonderful health care services available. Located along Napper Road, you can access health care services five days a week during normal working hours.

Alexandra Hills Medical Center

This has similarities and differences compared to the one at Arundel. This offers the same medical services that ensure your family healthcare is covered wholesomely. The difference comes with the number of operation days as here you can access services six days a week. It is easily found along Vienna Road.

Ascot Medical Center

Locate along Racecourse Road, here the services and modes of operation are similar to those of Alexandra Hills such that Saturday has been added as an extra day. Your family’s health is covered comprehensively as it is treated as a priority. If you are travelling, these three centers can provide you with travel vaccination services.

For a seven day healthcare service especially on Sunday’s, visit other family medical centers within the network such as Chermside and Corinda. Smart Clinics is designed to ensure that your family health care is handled with the most professional means as possible. Every clinic within the network ensures that excellence is upheld and quality is practiced. For more information visit the website to know about other clinics within the network. Your health is your wealth, trust it with the best.

All You Need to Know about Dermal Fillers in the Gold Coast

As you age, your face loses its vibrancy and plumpness. The volume of facial muscle, tissues and fat is worn off and the underlying skin wrinkles and sags. The art of dermal fillers Gold Coast people have adopted is an excellent way to curb this problem. Dermal fillers will restore your beauty and make you look more alert, positive and freshened up. There are so many Gold Coast dermal fillers clinics; and selecting the best can be confusing. Keep in mind that the competence of the clinician administering your dermal fillers greatly determines the end results. Also, the type of fillers matters a lot. Will they give you the desired look? What are the side effects and risks? You need to be well informed about all the dermal fillers Gold Coast options before you make your first appointment.

What makes dermal fillers unique?

The reason why dermal fillers in Gold Coast have become so popular is the fact that you can walk into your clinic and leave with a whole new look. They provide instant results. Unlike other wrinkle correction methods, dermal fillers are quite effective in treatment of deep wrinkles since they allow greater precision on the wrinkle. If you have a problem with icepick scars, deep divots or boxcar scars, dermal fillers is the best way to go. Another advantage offered by dermal fillers is that of being non-permanent. Unlike the permanent methods such as facelifts, you can experiment with different options or even discontinue the procedures.



Dermal fillers can be considered as the easiest and safest way of restoring your beauty. Do you have deep wrinkles that other methods have not treated? Dermal fillers will deal with all these wrinkles completely. Dermal fillers rarely cause reactions and their side effects are very minimal. You can be sure of the compatibility of dermal fillers regardless of your skin type. If a problem happens to arise, fillers can be dissolved by injection. Dermal fillers are non-invasive and do not involve surgical operations.


Best dermal fillers Gold Coast provides have very minimal side effects. If the application is handled well, only the ordinary side effects will follow; bruising, redness, swelling and inflammation as the fillers settle down. Only on rare occasions will the fillers cause hypersensitivity, granuloma or tissue death around the injection site.


The clinician you choose should be qualified and experienced. Find out their academic credentials and the period they have been in the business of dermal fillers. During your consultation your doctor will take your medical history, determine your cosmetic goals and develop a treatment plan. The treatments you receive depend on your specific needs. For example, the number of units you need depend on the how much filing you require or the part of the body.

After the treatment

Results will be almost instant although the initial difference seen is due to swelling. The ‘real’ results will be clear after 3 days. If you decide to have temporary dermal fillers, you need to visit your clinician every few months for touch-up treatments. A competent doctor should advise you on precautionary measures to follow to maintain the new look.

Cataract Eye Surgery – Simple But Effective Procedure to Regain Vision

The medical profession keeps coming up with some amazing improvements, even in fields where there has already been sufficient progress. The introduction of dropless cataract surgery is one such development. According to a recent post in, this new procedure has been already tried in the US and if the fraternity agrees, it could be adopted as a routine in cataract eye surgery, subject to the patients giving their consent. In this procedure, the doctor would inject a drug into the eye right at the time of the cataract surgery and once the surgery is over, there is no further need for the eye drops to be used by the patient. At least in most cases, this can be achieved.

A Simple Procedure to Restore Vision

The development of cataract is considered a regular phenomenon in people as they cross the age of 55. The condition needs to be corrected through the procedure through replacement of the natural lenses with artificial lenses known as intraocular lenses (IOLs). The eye surgeon does an incision to remove the old lens and fits in the IOL. Technology has delivered many improvements in the quality of these IOLs and in today’s context a person receiving the new artificial lenses can hope to regain full vision without having to wear spectacles. What’s more, the cataract eye surgery itself is done with minimum discomfort to the patient. The area around the operation is numbed so that there is no pain experienced by the patient. There is no need to get oneself admitted to the hospital. A little after the surgery, the person can return home.

Some Care has to be Taken

The doctors will tell you not to drive immediately after the surgery. There are other restrictions to be observed to ensure the eye is not damaged in any manner and it does take about 6 weeks for the eyes to return to their normal functioning. Till the technology mentioned in the first paragraph above is not adopted, the regular use of eye drops is essential to keep the pressure in the eye in check. It is quite possible in most cases that only one eye develops the cataract problem and only that eye is operated upon. If at a later stage the other eye also shows symptoms of cataract, the eye surgeon will repeat the procedure for that eye as well.

Cost and Other Factors

The cost of having a cataract eye surgery might vary, but if you are properly covered under insurance, it should pose no difficulty. However, it is better to meet the clinic’s administrators, before you commit yourself to the date for the surgery, on the formalities and costs involved.

Surgical procedures to correct the eye vision impaired by cataract in the eye have become quite easy to perform these days; thanks to technology. The replacement lenses fitted are also far superior to the ones available a few years ago. The surgical procedure itself lasts less than 10 minutes and there is hardly any disruption to one’s routine life. If in doubt visit to know full details and take it forward from there.

Qualities of Excellent Event Medical Practitioners

Events are important part of our lives whether sporting, wedding, or cultural activities. At planning stage, not many event organizers think about including event medical services in the program. However, reports show that several people, participants included, get injured during such activities.

If you organize any kind of event, particularly sporting activities, chances are high that one or more participants can incur injuries during the activity. The extent of the injuries can be as small as requiring just basic first aid assistance, or as big as requiring road or air ambulance services. To contain such situations, you need to involve qualified event medical services to provide immediate and necessary solutions.

Hiring the best event medical services can be a challenging task, as many people float the title paramedic but without proper qualifications. It is therefore important to eliminate the providers based on their quality of service and ability of their staff. To this end, organizations offering event medical services should employ the best staff with the right qualifications.


In Australia, legislation has been passed to protect the title of Paramedic. This law ensures that every person with the title must undergo proper training to qualify in order to work as an event paramedic. Since its enactment, only a few organizations such as Panoptic Solutions can work as qualified paramedics to offer quality event medical service.

As an event organizer, you want to work with the best company to handle the health emergency aspect of the event. Here are some of the qualities to help you distinguish the best service providers from the rest of the lot, especially if you organize a sporting event:

1.    They have adequate experience using their skills during extreme sporting events. Experience is important, alongside appropriate qualifications. Can they deal effectively with fractures, sprains, and other types of physical injuries? If the answer is yes, then you can proceed to the next step.

2.    They should be able to deal with emergencies calmly and professionally. Professional paramedics should handle emergencies with due professionalism, with a single goal of saving the victim’s life. At Panoptic Solutions, you can get qualified paramedics to handle any aspect of injury during a sporting event.

3.    The company should be licensed and able to carry life-saving drugs. Any slight delay in an emergency can cost life. Reliable event medical service providers should have appropriate medicine ready to act on the situation before the matter is referred to the next facility.

4.    Relevant authorities should approve them. If Event First Aid Company or Event Medical Company can give report as standard, then you can go ahead and hire. If no, then it means the company is not suitable for service.

In the end, if you hire event medical services to take care of your participants in a sporting event, you can be sure that any emergency can meet appropriate solution. Reliable service providers as Panoptic Solutions are always ready to provide necessary support and assistance during such events.

Event organizers of all kinds should remember that just as it is necessary to plan how to deal with food shortage in such events, so it is necessary to consider the health aspect of the participants during emergencies.

Choosing an Ideal Health Cover in Australia

Having an appropriate health cover gives you peace of mind, especially when you or your family members fall sick. Regular check-ups, which are crucial for anyone wishing to live the healthiest life possible, are also made tenable through an insurance cover. The Phoenix Health Fund is a health cover that caters for current, as well as for former employees of the Australian steel industry. Headquartered within Newcastle of New South Wales, the fund covers all of Australia – endeavoring to offer the lowest possible premiums and access to private health care.


Choosing the Right Health Care Insurance

There are a number of factors to be considered when picking out a health insurance Australia:

  1. Financial Aspect of the Cover

You have to weigh down different premium charges, levied by the providers you have your eyes on. This is crucial as these should complement your earnings. You also need to consider the possibility that a company expects you to meet up with them when seeking medical services. You need to meet part of your medical expenses as well – which can have a huge impact on your finances.

Phoenix Health Fund offers comprehensive covers for members seeking treatment in private hospitals, with which the company has entered into agreements. With the health covers provided by this company, members do not have to worry about the unpredictable increase of hospital charges.

  1. Extent Covered by the Insurance

You need to know all medical services covered by the insurance provider when making decisions on cost-effective products. Many companies have different products that cover various services. The Phoenix Health Fund, for instance, has tailored six different products to suit the varying needs of customers.

Dental, emergency care, ambulance, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and optical services are some of the services that an ideal cover ought to have. Based on your prevailing health condition, it is also best to choose a product that will serve you most effectively.

  1. What is the network of providers covered?

You have to be keen in choosing a plan that covers your preferred network of medical services providers. Typically, a company has to sign agreements with hospitals, doctors, laboratories, and pharmacies when providing services at a given fee. In the event that you are looking for medical services with a provider that is not covered by the network you are in, you may have to pay a huge share of the cost or even all of it.

Phoenix Health Fund enables its members to access private health care services, as well as treatment with a wide range of public hospitals throughout Australia. With this company’s cover, a member also has the privilege to choose a doctor who will treat him or his family members.

The convenience of a private health care makes it crucial for individuals to seek insurance covers that cater various treatments. To get the best bet in the market, you need to compare private health insurance Australia. At, you will get more information on the health cover products offered by Phoenix Health Fund. You can also call the company at 1800-028-817. For more details please visit this site


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