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Elderly Care: Guidelines on How to Accident-Proof your Elderly Loved One’s Home

Home is where the heart is, but how safe is your home? As a person ages, you may find them increasingly at risk of being a victim of accidents. Elderly people living independently without any assistance should consider improving the safety within their homes, as elderly people are more prone to serious injuries and long-term disability if they fall. Perhaps your elderly loved one is living in Australia at elderly care Melbourne homes with dementia care services, how sure are you that all the time they are safe? At-home caregivers from aged care Queensland hospitals offering dementia care services can lower the risk of accidents at home by making the home safer. Here are some tips for improving home safety. Follow these tips, and you can have a better peace of mind about the safety of your elderly loved one.


Avoid storing too many things on higher, hard-to-reach shelves or cabinets. This will reduce the number of times the elderly person has to climb on stools or ladders to get to something.

Have a sturdy stepladder handy in the kitchen, in case there is a need to retrieve something from a high shelf of the cabinet. A good stepladder should have wide treads and easy-to-grab supports.

Put the microwave oven at eye level, preferably on the countertop or on the table. It is more difficult to take food out of the microwave if it is above eye level. Likewise, if the microwave is below eye level, move it up to the countertop to avoid back strain when taking food out of the microwave.

Put the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer on a 6 to an 8-inch platform to reduce the need to bend down too far when loading and unloading.

Change door/drawer/cabinet knobs to bigger, easy-to-grab C-shaped or D-shaped handles. These types of handles are especially helpful for someone with painful arthritis.

Change the kitchen sink plug to a lever handle instead of a knob that requires twisting. It is worthwhile changing the doorknob throughout the house to lever handles too.


A non-slip mat in the shower tray or bathtub or even a permanent seat in the shower will go a long way to preventing nasty slips and falls.

Install a handheld showerhead in place of a fixed showerhead, as these are more versatile.

Hiring elderly care Brisbane caregivers offering dementia care services will help you accident-proof the home by placing water-absorbent rugs with rubberized nonskid bottoms around possibly drenched parts of the bathroom.

Grab bars can be installed around the shower, bathtub, and toilet. Grab bars should be sturdy enough to support a person’s body weight.


If you notice the first signs of the railings becoming wobbly, get it tightened. The railings should be fixed at a comfortable height.

If the elderly person is especially tall or short, then the railings should be adjusted to a height he or she is comfortable with.


Keep the staircase adequately lit at all times. Install additional night-lights along the staircase to brighten a hallway or staircase.

Ensure that there is adequate lighting in all of the rooms. Put night lights in the bedroom, hall, and bathroom to allow a clear, visible, route to the bathroom at night. Check it at:

It’s Mom’s Time to Shine: Seeking Help from Reliable Cosmetic Surgery Experts

Pregnancy can create havoc to a woman’s body structure both internally and externally. Along with hormonal changes, the body loses its original shape and structure. Generally, the chest and abdominal area are most affected during pregnancy and after delivery. Nowadays, many new mothers are going for a mummy makeover Brisbane doctors are offering to get back their pre-natal body shape.

mummy makeover brisbane

An easy way to get back in shape

The mummy makeover is here to give you back your beauty and shape without having to sweat for them. The cosmetic surgery that the mummy makeover Brisbane doctors carry out involves two main surgeries- abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. The first procedure is a part of body contouring and is commonly known as ‘tummy tuck’. This helps to get rid of the stretch marks and loose and sagging skin around the lower abdomen area which gets stretched during pregnancy. The layer over the muscles is tightened to bring the muscles closer and contouring of the area is done. The second procedure, which is the breast augmentation, can be done in two ways- either by autologous fat transfer or through breast implants. This procedure helps to increase the volume and shape of the breasts. If only sagging breasts are your problem, then mastopexy can be done to raise the level of breasts. Apart from this, the new mother may opt for facial rejuvenation procedures to remove wrinkles on the face and neck area.

Is this surgery safe

The risks are minimal but you need to take special care for some time after the surgery. This is the case after any kind of surgical treatment. However, when we talk about the mummy makeover Brisbane doctors offer, it is important to know whether the patient is fit for surgery or not. Only if a mother has decided not to have more children, if she is in good health and if her weight is stable, then can she go for this surgery. Carrying heavy load after the operation or taking physical stress can cause discomfort after the surgery. So you need to take extra help post-surgery. This should be kept in mind especially if the mother has young kids. Things like swelling and release of fluids after breast surgery, rashes, capsular contracture around the breast are some of the risks involved in this process if the cosmetic surgeon is not experienced or qualified enough. Another thing that should be kept in mind before going for the surgery is that both abdominoplasty and breast augmentation procedures should not be carried out at the same time because of the anesthetic risks. Further, blood tests should be carried out and the patient’s medical history should be checked before the surgery. The clinics that conduct mummy makeover in Brisbane help to minimize all the risks mentioned above.

How to get hold of a good cosmetic surgeon

It is very easy to find reputed and qualified Brisbane mummy makeover clinics and doctors. You just need to visit websites like  and book an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon.


There is no rule which says that you cannot look just as beautiful after pregnancy as you were before it. Go ahead and give your body a complete makeover with the help of cosmetic surgery and get back in shape in no time!

Acne scar treatments and what you need to know

There has been a rise in the demand for scar treatment over the years. With a global market study on scar treatment published in June 2015, it was revealed that scar treatment products are expected to surpass 31,904 million dollars by 2022. Some of the factors that are said to fuel such growths include self-appearance consciousness, high disposable income as well as the rise in awareness on the scar treatments. While there are people who respond to acne treatment quite well, there are those whose acne scars are stubborn. Also, different treatments work for different people. So, are you also planning on getting an acne scar treatment Burnaby clinics offer? If yes, then read on for all you need to know.

acne scar treatment burnaby

Dealing with acne

There are people who scar easily with acne while others maintain a smooth complexion even through moderately severe battles with acne. However, whether you have scarring or not, preventing any future scarring should be your only point of concern. You will need to begin by treating any active acne so that any future scars are destroyed. There are a variety of acne scar treatment Burnaby options that are usually available to treat acne. There is home skin care which works by taking care of the skin. Then there are creams that can be prescribed by the doctor. There is also laser resurfacing, chemical peeling among other treatments. It’s also advised that you don’t pick at your skin when experiencing acne as many dermatologists say that the acne scars are mostly due to picking the acne. If you can, leave your skin relatively untouched.

Treatment options

Once you have the acne under control, there are a number of acne scar treatments that you can explore to get the scars off your face. First, there is the surgical removal option. There are also other topical treatments, but given that scarring is a permanent condition, it will not be as effective. Also, a plastic surgeon can perform minor procedures to have the scar removed. Further, there is the option of acceptance as nobody is perfect and everyone is flawed in one way or another.

Finding the right service provider

There are not so many surgeons or dermatologists that are specialized in acne scar treatment Burnaby residents opt for, and also often you will find many inexperienced professionals posing as specialists.  It’s for these reasons that it’s advisable that you take your time to find that person trained and suitably qualified to undertake the procedure on you. Look at the treatments and effects on the previous patients. Be realistic about the results to avoid disappointment. Additionally, they need to be confident with the treatment options that they are offering and be the ones suggesting treatment options without constantly changing their minds. More information brand name: EverYoung

Good research will arm you with all the knowledge there is as regards your condition, and thus you will know how to better deal with the treatment of acne scar removal Burnaby professionals provide. Also get rid of any active acne before you consider acne scar treatment Burnaby clinics offer. Visit  for more on acne scar treatment.

Savour the best of Japanese cuisine at Bangkok

If you are visiting Bangkok and looking to try out some authentic Japanese recipes, it is best you choose a place that serves up authentic Japanese buffet Bangkok has to offer.

Buffet, an all you can eat array of food preparations that is presented in an ideal environment and is an ideal choice for those who want to taste different varieties of food at one place.

The Japanese buffet would offer you a chance to enjoy and relish the finest culinary variety of food that is specially selected and prepared keeping in mind everyone’s taste and palate.  The food layout itself is a delightful experience to watch out. It is laid out in a very elaborate way and can consist of more than 30 different types of dishes that are exquisitely presented. You can choose to your heart’s delight.

The hotel serving up buffet usually have fixed timings for breakfast, lunch or dinner and each time there will be a different course of food to choose from. Some also run promotional offers at special days at special prices for their buffets. It could be ‘Summer Special’ that would have lots of fresh salads and cold soups or ‘The Grill Day’ that would mostly include grilled and baked stuff. These offers are a great way to attract visitors and also help the hotel build up their reputation too.

Buffets are supposed to be enjoyed leisurely and in a relaxed manner. The ambience is good and perfect for a relaxing dining experience for locals and travellers alike. This way of dining is perfect for a casual meeting and a great experience to unwind with family and friends. Most of the buffets have an unlimited supply of drinks to go with the food. To enjoy a Japanese buffet Bangkok has for you, it is best to relax with a drink of your choice first with starters and then follow it up with the main course winding it up with the desert.

The buffet would ideally consist of a choice of fresh fruit salads, a variety of soups and starters and an array of exotic and delicious dishes. The Japanese dishes included in a buffet are the finest cuisines and would include Japanese oyster, Japanese yellow tail, kurubuta pork, snow crab, salmon sushi roll, Australian wagyu beef and kokkaido scallop. Freshly prepared sushi is everyone’s favourite and will be part of a Japanese buffet anywhere you eat. Other specials could include Szechuan, Cantonese or dim sums which are relished and enjoyed by people around the world.

After meal deserts are a big attraction. You can lounge with an after dinner drink and taste the sweet delights offered as part of the Japanese buffet.

A name that has been associated for serving up traditional old style Japanese recipes with a modern twist of taste is Bangkok’s Kisso Japanese Restaurant. It is a contemporary restaurant that serves up Japanese buffet Bangkok selections. They were also awarded with Thailand’s ‘Best Restaurant Award’ for the year 2014. You can know more on the buffet served at the restaurant by visiting their official site at

4 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Have Your Teeth Whitened

Most adults have yellow or pale grey teeth. The bright pearly white childhood teeth gradually fade as the enamel thins over the years. In addition, the things we eat and drink such as alcohol, coffee and soy sauce may discolor our teeth. Bright white teeth might not be natural but can be obtained one way or the other. You can visit a Sydney teeth whitening expert for a professional teeth whitening procedure or buy one of the many over-the-counter products from a drug store near you. But before you try any of the two methods, it is important to know certain things.


What is teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process that brightens teeth by removing discoloration and stains. It is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures and hence there are many Sydney teeth whitening dentists and beauticians. You might want to have the procedure repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the dazzling white color.

What causes discoloration of teeth?

There are many reasons why teeth discolor and they include:

  • Smoking of tobacco
  • Drinking deeply colored fluids such as coffee
  • Using tetracycline antibiotics during the developmental stages of the teeth
  • Aging – dentin becomes darker and the enamel thinner with age
  • Exposure to too much fluoride when a child’s teeth are developing
  • Trauma

How to prepare for tooth whitening

Other existing dental problems may curtail the success of your teeth whitening endeavor. Cavities, for instance, need to be treated before the process begins. This is because the teeth bleaching solution might pass through the cavities and get to the inner part of the teeth. If this happens, the whitening product won’t have the desired effect. Using whitening products on decayed teeth or receded gum can also lead to teeth sensitivity. You should also take that teeth whitening is not done on veneer, porcelain crowns or ceramics. In-office teeth professional whitening is more advantageous as compared to at-home treatments with regard to detection of cavities. Your dentist will X-ray your teeth first to determine if there are any cavities and give you the appropriate treatment if necessary.

How is teeth whitening done?

There are two main types of teeth whitening procedures:

Vital whitening

This is done of teeth that have live nerves. In this procedure the dentist will apply a teeth whitening gel directly on the surface of the tooth. This gel contains hydrogen peroxide. Your dentist might want to use a more powerful whitening gel if the stains are severe. Once the gel is applied, a specialized laser is used to accelerate the process of bleaching. This procedure usually takes an hour or less. Your dentist might ask one or two more appointments depending on the severity of the stains, the method being used and how white you want your teeth to be.

Non-vital whitening

This is performed on teeth that do not have live nerves, such as those that have undergone root-canal treatments. The tooth is whitened from inside whereby a whitening agent is placed inside the tooth and covered using a temporary filling.

If you feel that your teeth will benefit from teeth whitening visit a Sydney teeth whitening expert – Pure Smile Australia number one dental professionals.


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